New EP in the works. This is the first song in the bag. You May have seen it on social media.

Available to stream and download exclusively on Bandcamp.

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    Titan Excursion (Anuman Remix)

    Later in 2020, I’ll release a collection of remixes of tracks from the These Promises EP. Here’s one I’m really pleased with courtesy of a talented remixer, Anuman. It’s not yet available to download, but you can add it to your playlist on Spotify today. Click the button below.

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“This exemplifies what you can
call retro-future pop; Built on a
panoply of early 80s disco
and modern cosmic pop,
“Fortress Of Love” feels like
a love song lost in time and

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These Promises, is primed for the final dance scene of a John Hughes bildungsroman. Once Around Saturn has turned out a sound that is perfectly suburban cosmic.


The melodies are strong and contagious; the arrangements are meticulous and Easton’s voice is beguiling.

Huffington Post

Particularly appropriate effort for those wishing to be drowned in 80s sentimentality


Cosmically soulful. This is definitely a handful of songs that I can lay under the stars and think about life here, there, and beyond.

Audible Addixion

Once Around Saturn have accomplished what many strive to do – craft a masterfully kitschy collection of would-be radio material from a time before Spotify.


Keyboards glisten with a late-night hue, for the textures linger in the mind long after they are over.


Lyrics have a romantic, tender quality to them; and when accompanied by the Balearic melodies
that grace the album, the entire thing feels so welcoming.