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This collection of work represents a few years of process from mid 2016 to early 2019. Writing, recording, mixing. A cycle that repeated until it felt right. Initial ideas hit me like diamond bullets, born of heartache, unrequited love, and the conviction that if I write beautiful tunes, she will be mine; Overcome with romantic obligation. You’d think a grown man would know better… Whatever.


Turning those ideas into retro-pop gems takes time. It takes sleepless nights, frenzied scribbling of notes for fear of forgetting some lyrical or melodic phrase that just popped in there. It takes trial and error. It takes months away from the material to come back to it afresh.

I know it took a lot to get you here. And now that you are here, I don’t want you to have to go elsewhere to listen to my music. SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO!!
But I also understand that you like to build playlists and I have to share you with other talented artists.
So be it. For your convenience then, here’s a link to the EP on Spotify. My streaming numbers could do with a boost anyway.

“Keyboards glisten with a late-night hue, for the textures linger in the mind long after they are over.”



And why do we do this? Why endure such torment? Well apparently that’s quite typical for creative types. We strive for perfection even though we know we can never achieve it. And yet the songs demand nothing less; For they only contain my heart and soul.


Even though I like to think Once Around Saturn is all about me… It isn’t truely all about me. I work with wonderful musicians, singers and engineers. They bring the songs to life, and the time spent in the studio with such talent is a joy.

You can download the first three tracks of this EP through an email link once you subscribe. A six track CD is also available.

All songs written by: Dan Kelso
Keyboards: Dan Kelso
Vocals: Amanda Easton & Glenn Whitehall
Guitars: Daniele Natoli
Sound Engineers: Richard Lake & Daniele Natoli
Recorded and Mixed at A Sharp Recording Studio
Mastered by Matthew Gray at Matthew Gray Mastering

“The words are sugary, but at the same time the melodies exhibit the edginess of old school indietronica.”



It is only now that I’m releasing the tracks as a collective. My writing and producing continues to evolve, as you’ll hear from the EP, These Promises and future releases, but this is where it started. This is the sound that came out when I plugged in my new toys.

All songs written by: Dan Kelso
Keyboards: Dan Kelso
Vocals: Amanda Easton
Vocals: John Kater
Sound Engineer: Jeff Cripps
Recorded and mixed at A Sharp Recording Studio.