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    Souvenirs & Sushi Bars

    Digital track

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    Button Badges

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    These Promises CD


    Free CD (4 panel digipak). You just pay for the shipping and handling.

    This six track EP features the newer tracks, Only Dreaming and Never Given Up On You.

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    Only dreaming

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    Interstellar Traveler inner


    All of these tracks were recorded in mid 2014 to early 2015. This EP represents the initial birth of Once Around Saturn. It was a time of getting back into music after many years away from playing synths. Though all the songs are written by me, I was fortunate enough to work with a wonderful engineer, who also thought like a producer; if not for his collaborative approach, these songs would be lesser versions of how they ended up. I learnt much working with him.

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    These Promises


    Recording took place between November 2016 and mid 2017. The EP was initially released in June 2017 to favourable reviews from online music media. In the year following, I’d had multiple ideas on amendments I’d like to make to those tracks, so in June of 2018, I did just that. Brought in Daniele Natoli to add some guitar flavouring, extended a couple of the tracks, made minor tweaks to the mixes and changed the track order for re-release.

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